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Full Service provider in the organization of corporate events: Congress, Conferences, Venues, Meetings, Business Meals, Sporting Event... everything needed to be an example of excellence in your professional event.

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Full service provider in the organization of social events: Weddings, Communions, Birthdays, hen parties... A unique event for every occasion.

Task groups

Task Groups: Incentives, school and cultural trips. Exclusive activities created for you.

We take care of everything

Organize your special event with our help and save time and effort. And best of all, it will not cost you more money than if you do it all on your own.



I contacted with eventiCrea because I did not have time to organize my wedding and it was a wise move. They quickly managed everything I needed and I was great with my guests.

Maria José y Juan
Los Dólmenes - Antequera

Comida equipo femenino de fútbol sala Victoria KENT

El trato inmejorable, la comida riquísima y desde eventicrea nos lo pusieron muy fácil todo.. ¡Experiencia para repetir!

Alejandro Díaz
El Mentidero - Málaga


Graphic design

We design booklets, posters , invitations, web banners ... everything to highlight your special event.


We take care of printing in any format you need.


We make customized web pages of the event so that your guests can instantly know any news about it.

Latest news and events

ByeventiCrea Sep 1, 2021

Easy Customer Feedback Project

Know the opinion of your guests

Nowadays it is essential, for any person or company that organizes an event, to know first-hand the evaluation and satisfaction of their guests or customers. Until now, the only way to do this is through surveys or cumbersome post-event forms that hardly anyone bothers to fill out.

Let’s be honest… nobody wants to stop and waste their time to give their opinion especially when they are enjoying the event and having a good time. However, collecting and knowing the satisfaction of the guests, without a doubt, is very useful for the event organizer, not only to be able to improve or correct in time the possible incidents that arise during the execution of the same, but also in the face of future events.

The priority of eventiCrea is the customer and their satisfaction and that is why in each event we organize we pay special attention to getting to know the customer experience closely. Like other companies in the sector, we have distributed paper surveys or online forms with QR codes without much success due to the low participation rate of the guests.

Computer vision and artificial intelligence come to the rescue

Technological advances today and especially in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence allow us to develop solutions that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Can you imagine being able to activate a low cost device that recognizes the gesture of a person (approval / disapproval) as they leave the event? This would be the only effort that the person has to make to leave their opinion of the event.

Can you also imagine being able to predict the age of the person and gender with Machine Learning techniques? All this is already possible thanks to the different projects and investigations that are being carried out throughout the planet.

To mention some projects of great interest:

  • OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is an open-source software library for artificial vision and Machine Learning.
  • MediaPipe is Google’s multiplatform framework for creating different data processing pipelines, being able to accurately detect faces, postures, hands and objects.
  • DeepFace is a deep learning facial recognition system created by a Facebook development team.

EasyCustomerFeedback project

EasyCustomerFeedback is a new recently created project that aims to allow any company or person organizing any type of event to collect information from their customers based on gestures through a low cost device.

The system is capable of recognizing in real time the gestures of people passing in front of a camera, estimating whether it is a gesture of approval or disapproval and even predicting gender, age and mood. . All information inferred in real time is stored in the cloud for later consultation and exploitation.

The entire process requires little effort or wait on the part of the guests who can now leave their review in just a couple of seconds. In addition, the assessment is completely anonymous since no personal or sensitive data is collected at any time from the people who leave their opinion through this new system.

On the other hand, the event organizer will be able to access a report which summarizes the number of evaluations received by guests or clients.

The vision and mission of the project is to offer an open source and transparent platform for universal valuation that anyone can use easily and cheaply and that brings real value to the general public and not only to companies. The system could be used for a myriad of purposes:

  • Valuation of public places : parks, monuments, …
  • Assessment of public services : at the exit of a public body to assess the care received (hospitals, INEM, Tax Agency, …)
  • Valuation of restaurants, hotels, gyms, movies in theaters, …
  • Particular events: weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays, …
  • Corporate events: congresses, conventions, team building, …

And all those assessments would be available in the cloud and accessible to the general public.

From eventiCrea we will officially support this project and its creators so that we can soon offer this system to our clients, providing a differential value to guarantee the success of each event.

If you like the project and want to support it, here is the link to Github.

ByeventiCrea Oct 18, 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Mañana, 19 de Octubre, es el Día Mundial del cáncer de mama y desde eventiCrea queremos dedicarlo a todas las luchadoras, vencedoras y vencidas.

Prevención e investigación para acabar con ello.

Más información en la página de la AECC.

ByeventiCrea May 27, 2018

Mediterráneo Club Communions

Y cuando un grupo de amigos se junta para celebrar su comunión sólo puede pasar esto, que todo sea a lo grande.

Eso ocurrió el 5 de mayo en el Club Mediterráneo, que 6 amigos quisieron jugar, reir y disfrutar de su día en pandilla y que hubiera mucho colorido por todas partes.

Por supuesto una mesa de dulces sin fin (aunque para los golosos supo a poco), centros de mesa personalizados, globos de colores por todas partes, pomperos, piruletas…

Con la sonrisa de los niños damos nuestro trabajo por recompensado, pero cuando además tenemos abrazos de agradecimientos de esos peques ya no se puede pedir más.


ByeventiCrea May 26, 2018

Laura Communion

No podía faltar un detalle en la comunión de Laurita, su photocall, su mesa de regalos y por supuesto su mesa dulce.
Una mesa muy especial, porque para una chica tan guapa y coqueta todo tenía que estar a la altura, así que montamos el tocador de Laura con el color rosa predominante.

Ver su cara radiante de felicidad es una satisfacción enorme para nosotros y para sus papis que se esforzaron muchísimo para que todo estuviera perfecto el 1 de mayo que era el día de su niña. (more…)

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